Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Blog Post

For my research project I researched the famous pop-art artist Andy Warhol. When I started to think about what do to to recreate something he might do in modern day or might like I thought about taking an every day item and recreating it in different photos like he did with his famous Cambell's Soup Cans. Once I started I transitioned my project into more what is the common pop-art ideas by using bright colors and words similar to what would be seen in a comic book. I chose the words "Pop"- symbolizing pop-art, and then continued on with a common word bubble type idea using "bang". For my last piece, I wanted something a little more modern that I think Andy Warhol would have liked today. So in the center I painted a big eye heart emoji that we all use everyday on our phones. I think Andy Warhol would have liked taking such a common thing (an emoji) and making it art. People would question, didn't someone already make that? Which coincides with a lot of the criticism Warhol received. The Emoji is the focal point standing out besides the two others with words, because they look more similar. I used a lot of of the primary colors, red, yellow, blue. In the cloud shape it looks almost pixelated alike with much of the comic book look. There is an implied line around the cloud bubbled shape. I also wanted to include Andy Warhol's face in one of the pieces - I chose to do it with the Pop because he was the face of Pop art.