Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Whole Ball of Wax - Review

"The Whole Ball of Wax" by Jerry Saltz begins itself in the form of a question, "Can art change the world?" Salt answers this question soon after with a definite no, but continues on to pose many other questions on the power of art. When I read the first paragraph I agreed that no, maybe art can not stop the spread of AIDS, but I believe that seeing some piece of art, no matter what it is, can change a person's views or ideas in a second. This idea connects to the "bridge" of art to a "new vision and the vision itself". Art is the same as religion, politics, or science in that it is an experience. Looking into a piece of art for more than just how it appears. I agree with Saltz that art is an experience, where you see it, with whom, how does it make you feel, how was it made, etc. I think that everyone has much different experiences and opinions therefore, art can not have a singular result or meaning. Another part to point out is that art tells us things we didn't know: things about ourselves, and maybe things we didn't even care to know. After reading this article I am now more aware of art and what it does for the human mind, body, environment, and society.


  1. I really like your review! I took away a similar response to his article that you did, and I enjoyed your comments on how art effects people differently

  2. I like how you compared art to an experience and explained how its different for each individual.

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