Thursday, March 16, 2017

Escaping Flatland

This article was very confusing and hard to dive into to understand the authors purpose. What I took from the article was that the dimensions are extremely important from the artist to the viewer. Making art 2-dimmensional allows for more in depth perceptions art. The photo attached to the article is very scaled out and is almost like a map to what the artist wanted us to see. Also, when a piece of art is photographed then seen through a computer screen, mainly how we always view art, it is not authentic and we cannot see the exact art because it is shown to us through pixels rather than brushstrokes for example. The article mentions Galileo, and it reminds me back to when I took Intro to the Universe last semester. While the article still leaves me questioning I connect this with the in class discussion of color, particularly the blue color of the sky. Many people see variations of color which I agree with, however, in Universe class the question, "Why is the Sky blue?" was on every single test. It has a scientific answer simply that the sun reflects more blue particles than it does red. Therefore, the sky is blue.

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